Rabbi Hershel Gluck OBE

By Andrew Hingston

[andrew sent me this message and I supposed I might impart it to you.]

I get along well with Lubavitchers (Chabad), far less well with Modern Orthodox. The Lubavitchers have an exceptionally open and euphoric approach to life, and they are effectively the most eager of Orthodox Jews to examine their religion with non-Jews. I think this is on the grounds that they are the most “converting” of Orthodox Jews — they don’t attempt to change over non-Jews, yet they do attempt to change over different Jews into Lubavitchers, and they are exceptionally fruitful at it.

In the meantime, they might be pretty nutty. Furthermore they are not without disputation — they have a propensity of assuming control over the Jewish neighborhoods of the urban communities where they set up. They are uncommonly generally arranged, as a visit to their site shows. In New York or Amsterdam or London or Jerusalem assuming control over the Jewish neighborhood is incomprehensible; however in Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Lvov, Kiev, and so on., it is extremely conceivable.

In Warsaw the war is on between the Modern Orthodox group and the Lubavitchers. I anticipate that the Lubavitchers will win, on the grounds that they are so decently arranged and overall supported. Additionally, the Modern Orthodox rabbi of Warsaw, who is likewise the self-declared Chief Rabbi of Poland, has had more than his allotment of contentions, everything from bits of hearsay of infidelity with school matured young ladies to fiscal offenses to the way that he doesn’t even live in Poland (he exists in New York and visits Poland for one week every month). I might as well specify that there is likewise a Progressive (Reform) neighborhood in Poland, and it is additionally making progress on the Modern Orthodox. There used to be a Conservative Community here, generally in Western Poland, however the Modern Orthodox succeeded in lessening them to irrelevance — by extremely corrupt implies.

A great deal of Jews are startled of Lub avitchers or basically detest them, since they could be exceptionally unforgiving of Jews who don’t see the planet as they do.

As you must know, their extremely popular Rabbi (more than a rabbi, a Rebbe), Menachim Schneersson, kicked the bucket something like ten years back. Normally there strength have been a little progression battle — as there has as of late been in some other Chassidic associations — since the occupation of Rebbe is not just critical. A Rebbe can change the course of history for a Chassidic administration. Bunches have part over Rebbes. Yet around his numerous obligations, the Rebbe serves as the Supreme Court of his organization, the last word. It’s consequently difficult to envision how a dead individual might be the Rebbe. However that is precisely what the Lubavitchers have done — they have announced Schneersson to

be their Rebbe. The Rebbe, they call him. Some think as of him to have been the Messiah. This means a certain measure of tumult and contention no doubt.

My top choice Lubavitcher Rabbi (not Rebbe; there is generally stand out Rebbe, additionally at times called the Rav or Tzadik, for every Chassidic aggregation) is Herschel Gluck. We met a few years prior, on the grounds that he is intrigued by Central Europe, and was interested by my venture for the Poznan synagogue. He was Lubavitcher prepared and still dresses in the way of a Lubavitcher

(untrimmed facial hair, wide overflow dark fedora, dull suit, and so forth), however is presently a free customary rabbi in North London, which has an expansive conventional group, living side by side with a substantial Muslim neighborhood.

Here is an article about Gluck that illustrates, I consider, why I like him to such an extent. He conceives brand new ideas. He is inquisitive. He is clever. He is not nationalistic. He makes his own (great educated, extremely watchful, and quite academic) choices about good and bad, and afterward takes after them. He is man of standard. He is anything besides vainglorious. Grand fellow. We met in the fairly fabulous bar of the Park Lane Hilton in London — his decision. Every living soul gazed at us, as its not typ


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